Volt Europa

Pan-European politics?

In the fall of 2018 I found my political home at Volt Europa. Volt Europa was the first party that was fully embracing Europe's multi-dimensionality, with progressive and pragmatic approches. In 2019 I finally became a legal member and I have been since spending hundreds of hours to build and promote a more united Europe.

What am I doing in Volt?

In January 2022 I was elected as Secretary General of Volt Belgium for the next two years. Together with my Co-Secretary General Manon Michon I am managing a motivated team of functional leads and supporting the executive board in reaching the party's strategic goals.

What else have I worked on in Volt Europa?

BE Community Co-Lead

From Fall 2020 until Winter 2021, I have been leading the Belgian Community Team with Diana Andrei as Co-Leads. Together we have been organising and growing the party’s community team, an energetic team of 10 motivated members. More specifically, I have been responsible for coordinating the onboarding of members and supporters as well as supporting the party’s local teams in their launch, growth and professionalisation.

EUR Community Core Team

As a member of the EUR Community Core team, I have been active also on the European level by coordinating efforts to harmonise processes across the national chapters down to the local community teams.

Volt Diversity Call Series

Together with my co-lead Diana Andrei and with the support of the European Community Team, I have been organising and hosting more than a dozen Diversity Calls, where we invited guest speakers from diverse communities to tell us about their experiences and their problems they encounter.

Communications Internship

From February 2021 to April 2021 I did an internship at Volt Belgium as part of my Master Program. As an intern I was supporting the Belgian Communication Team as well as learning from marketing and policy experts from academia and industry!

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