VUB Student Council

Update: I was successfully elected! Thanks to everyone who supported me and my team.

The VUB and me.

I am a fourth year student at the VUB and I am currently enrolled in a Masters Degree in New Media and Society in Europe. I have previously done a Bachelors Degree in the Social Sciences from 2017 to 2020.

During my time at university I have made many friends from Belgium and around the world, some of whom I consider my closest friends. When I wasn't studying for my courses, I explored and enjoyed the student life to the fullest, from the stinky student caves over to running for the student council.

Your voice matters.

As your representative, I will provide pragmatic solutions for the very real, institutional challenges that you face at the VUB and in Brussels.

First, I will make diversity not only a slogan, but a reality at the VUB. I will work with the Equality Office to include marginalised students in the decision-making bodies of the VUB.

Second, I will fight for immediate and affordable professional help to be available for students at the VUB.

Third, I want to improve student life, mobility, and environment on campus and in the city of Brussels.

Studying in the heart of Europe will be the best time of your life! Got a challenge? I will listen to you!