University & Work

Social Sciences

Following my passions of understanding and learning about society, I pursued the inter-disciplinary and inter-university Bachelor of Sciences in the Social Sciences at the VUB and the UGent, specialising in Political Sciences and Online and Social Media Strategies

My bachelor paper titled "Making Advertisements Great Again" researched young people’s perception of targeted advertisements on social media by political campaigns and their implications for privacy and democracy.

Pictured with VUB Rector Caroline Pauwels at the Academic Opening 2021-2022

Political Communication

I continued my studies at the VUB in Brussels by enrolling in the Master of Science in the Communication Studies: New Media and Society in Europe, where I wrote my Master thesis on Politicians’ opinions of political ads on social media platforms. After five fulfilling years, I graduated with great distinction from the program in the summer of 2022. 

EU Media Network

After my studies I dipped my toes into the media industry as a Communications Assistant at EURACTIV, the European Media network. In the Communications team my domains were European & German affairs, reporting on Putin’s war in Ukraine and combatting disinformation. It was a great match between politics and media and I learned a lot about journalism in the private media industry.

European Parliament

Professionally I am working as IT consultant in the European Parliament, where I advise and guide Members of the European Parliament and their cabinets through the digital work environment, specialising in social media and audiovisual technical support. Working in the European Parliament has allowed me to get to know the ins and outs of the House of European democracy and more generally the workings of a parliamentary democracy.