Social Sciences

Following my interest in society and politics, I enrolled at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels in the Bachelor of Sciences in the Social Sciences in the fall of 2017. After three exciting years and the beginning I graduated with distinction in the summer of 2020, specialising in Political Sciences. My bachelor paper titled "Making Advertisements Great Again" researched young people’s perception of targeted advertisements on social media by political campaigns and their implications for privacy and democracy.

Pictured with VUB Rector Caroline Pauwels at the Academic Opening 2021-2022

Political Communication

I continued my studies in the field of social media and politics by enrolling in the Master in New Media and Society. In the program I followed several courses on European media policies, user and innovation in digital media as well as following lectures by guests from industry, civil society and academia. I am currently researching the regulation of political campaigning on social media platforms and polling the opinion of politicians the topic.